Data Collection and Interpretation in Exploration and Mining

SRK offers the following short courses to in-house or site based mining professionals, to support skill development
in data collection and interpretation. These courses can be tailored to specific requirements.
GIS for Exploration and Mining
Discover the fundamentals of ArcGIS workflows including spatial data capture, query and analysis, to help you better identify exploration targets for drilling and further testing.
Course Presenter: Jason Beltran
Unlocking Value from Structural Geology
Covering data collection in mapping and drill core, analysis, and interpretation, you’ll gain confidence in mastering the tools you need to apply structural geology effectively and understanding your project better.
Course Presenter: Bert De Waele
3D Geological Modelling
Leverage the latest software to facilitate the development of robust 3D models and understand the workflows needed to create geological and grade models, to support resource definition.
Course Presenter: Ben Jupp
Geotechnical Data Collection
Develop an understanding of geotechnical data requirements and methods for ensuring thorough and efficient collection of fit-for-purpose geotechnical data while avoiding common pitfalls and errors.
Course Presenter: Ian de Bruyn
Applied Geochemistry
Learn essential geochemical concepts in mineral exploration and mining, and in exploratory data analysis, so that you can plan fit-for-purpose sampling programs and get maximum value from your data.
Course Presenter: Chris Salt


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