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3D Geological Modelling

Increase project success, safety, and cost control through the unique synergy between advanced 3D modelling and geological interpretation

The success of exploration and mining projects depends on the comprehensive understanding of each deposit’s 3D geometry. This knowledge can be gained by building 3D models to evaluate exploration risk, mine stability, and grade distribution and to provide a basis for robust resource estimation and conceptual mining studies. Thorough analysis of geotechnical and geological risks is particularly important as exploration companies seek deeper or “blind” ore bodies and existing mining companies extract ore to greater depths.

SRK will help you evaluate your deposit’s 3D characteristics using the unique synergy between model construction and the interpretation of geological data. Our geologists combine innovative modelling packages with our structural and geological interpretation skills to construct dynamic, 3D geological models for testing and evaluating your exploration and mining solutions.

Our key services are;

  • Compilation of historical exploration and mining datasets into a 3D environment
  • Integration of 2D and 3D GIS datasets
  • Terrane-scale 3D modelling and exploration targeting
  • Evaluation of the 3D geological controls on ore distribution
  • Resource modelling using defined geological criteria as well as grade data

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