SRK Australia

In Australia, SRK employs some 90 people in offices located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney. Focused advice and solutions to the resources sector for the entire life cycle of a project, from exploration through to closure, for large and small projects across the full range of mineral commodities and also the energy sector.  Our clients include mining companies, exploration companies, financial institutions, EPCM and construction firms and government bodies.

We are committed to finding new and better ways to do things and that includes looking for opportunities to enhance technologies and to develop new strategies to help solve industry challenges. Currently, we are supporting software development in geotechnical analyses in order to improve efficiency and productivity and also complex rock mechanics where we are looking at improvements to subsidence and draw control modelling to help with reconciliation and understanding the rock mass response to different extraction strategies. We are also supporting research in the science of waste rock testing to underpin more reliable and sustainable waste dump performance.

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