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In late 2010, SRK Asia opened its representative office in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, to provide logistical services and to facilitate the execution of projects in Mongolia. By early 2012, the consulting business had developed to a level where it was decided to establish a local entity. SRK Mongolia was established as a fully registered Mongolian business.

Since establishing this office, we have completed a number of Independent Technical Reports, Resource Estimation and QA/QC Exploration Management projects for various commodities, including coal, gold, copper, tungsten and rare earth elements.

SRK Mongolia continues to concentrate its efforts on marketing, seeking new clients, good cooperation with our new and old clients, and participating in conferences and exhibitions. Our projects and proposals are proceeding smoothly and we are building a good reputation among our clients. Our projects are mainly focused on JORC code reports, gap analyses, exploration projects, and QA/QC exploration management. Our main clients are foreign investors in Mongolian junior exploration companies.

SRK’s experienced personnel and practical approach give you achievable options, opinions and solutions together with an understanding of the associated risks.
SRK experts integrate complex data sets to generate and refine targets, define controls on mineralisation, and delineate prospective structures and sequences.

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Erdene-Otgon Dalai
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