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Proactive environmental planning saves money. What are the issues and regulations? How do you minimise your liabilities? SRK’s environmental team have the specific experience you need to satisfy the regulations and apply cost effective, technically sound solutions to your environmental challenges.

Our knowledge of the regulations, field experience, proven technical expertise and history of success ensures your project proceeds as smoothly as possible.

SRK's environmental professionals provide site assessment, impact analysis, detailed site investigation, soil and ground water remediation, waste characterisation and disposal, risk management, and site closure and rehabilitation.

We work with mines looking for economical, effective compliance; with small businesses and industrial giants that all need to assess and manage risk

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SRK's expertise, versatility, focus, impartiality, size, and reputation all contribute to SRK's excellence.
Successful environmental and social management planning can lead to improvements in a company’s community, environmental and financial performance. SRK offers comprehensive approaches to managing these issues to meet corporate, host country, lender and stakeholder requirements. SRK's systematic approach to environmental and social management can help you successfully manage environmental and...
SRK Consulting has extensive experience with the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites for clients from various industries
Managing mine drainage water quality is a critical concern for all mining operations because discharges must typically meet stringent water quality standards set by local, regional and national governments. Acidic drainage remains the most significant issue due to high concentrations of metals, and costs of treatment to achieve acceptable levels...
Mine Reclamation & Closure Services
At SRK, we combine our international closure experience with all aspects of mining, technical expertise and knowledge of local statutory requirements to identify and implement cost-effective closure solutions. Mine closure planning is necessary at all stages of a mining operation. It should be implemented before mining commences and continue throughout...
Spontaneous Combustion
Spontaneous combustion is a principal mining hazard in underground and open cut coal or metalliferous mine operations and mitigation of potential safety, health and environmental issues is crucial. SRK’s multidisciplinary team can support your project with the necessary mine planning and management strategies from operations through to closure. Our key...

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