Justine Paul

Senior Consultant (Geotechnical Engineering)
MSc (Earth Sciences), BSc (Geology)
SRK Perth
Level 1 10 Richardson Street West Perth, Western Australia 6005 Australia PO Box 943 West Perth, Western Australia 6872 Australia
+61 8 9288 2000
+61 8 9288 2001

Justine Paul is a geotechnical engineer with eight years of experience. She has undertaken numerous geotechnical field investigations, involving supervision of rigs, geotechnical core logging, sampling, geotechnical and hydrogeological field testing, mapping and photogrammetry investigations. Justine has considerable experience in reviewing geotechnical data, including databases and consultant reports, data compilation and data gap analyses. She is skilled in performing structural and kinematic analyses, including dips analysis, acoustic televiewer/ optical televiewer interpretation, photogrammetry data processing and major structure characterisation by comparison with current structural models. Justine has extensive experience in coordinating and evaluating laboratory testing, and in characterising rock and soil masses for slope and underground excavations and mine infrastructure design. She has practical expertise in limit equilibrium slope stability analysis and design, and finite element numerical modelling. 

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