Mark Bietting

Senior Consultant (Hydrogeology)
BSc (Geology)
SRK Perth
Level 1 10 Richardson Street West Perth, Western Australia 6005 Australia PO Box 943 West Perth, Western Australia 6872 Australia
+61 8 9288 2000
+61 8 9288 2001

Mark Bietting has over 15 years of practical geology and hydrogeology experience, including over 11 years in geological and environmental consulting. His experience in diverse geographical environments has focused on aquifer testing and characterisation, pumping well design and testing, water supply exploration and well design, source water and wellhead protection studies, groundwater and surface water quantity/ quality monitoring, well rehabilitation programs, hydrogeology in conjunction with geotechnical assessments and engineering design, groundwater quantity/ quality mitigation and remediation, landfill gas and waste impact assessments, contaminated site investigations (including downstream oil and gas), contaminant loading assessments, septic field feasibility assessments, seepage flux assessments, and numerical groundwater model development.

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