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Proud sponsors for over 12 years | 5-7 August | Kalgoorlie, Australia

Connect with our experts equipped with specialised knowledge and experience in the Australian mining sector at Booth 55.

Jeames McKibben
Principal Consultant (Project Evaluation & Valuations)
Jeames has served in a diverse range of roles including corporate consultant, project manager, geologist and analyst for over 20 years.  He has a strong record in project due diligence, independent technical review, mineral asset valuation and deposit evaluation. Jeames has been responsible for multi-disciplinary teams covering precious metals, base metals, bulk commodities (ferrous and energy) and other minerals worldwide.
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Stuart Munroe
Principal Consultant (Project Evaluation)
Stuart is a structural geologist with 27 years’ experience. Stuart provides specific client solutions to geological issues on a wide range of projects including evaluation of geology and resources. Stuart has managed all aspects of exploration projects and pre-development studies and provided technical advice at a corporate level. In addition, Stuart has been involved in growth through acquisition, applying due diligence and identification of potential upside.
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Rod Brown
Principal Consultant (Geology)

Rod is a geologist with over 29 years’ experience in the mining industry, comprising 20 years in consulting and nine years in operations. Rodney has experience in a wide variety of terrains and commodities, including extensive experience in iron ore, gold and bauxite. He has conducted due diligence reviews, orebody modelling, mineral resource and reserve estimation, statistical and geostatistical analyses, and mine geology studies for deposits globally.
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Michael Lowry
Senior Consultant (Resource Estimation)
Michael is a geologist with over 22 years’ experience in the mining industry, primarily in operations before recently moving to consulting. He has experience in a variety of terrains and commodities, primarily iron ore, nickel and gold. He has conducted orebody modelling, mineral resource estimation, geostatistical studies, reconciliation and public reporting on a range of gold, nickel and iron ore deposits in Western Australia.
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Simon Hanrahan
Principal Consultant (Mining)

Simon is a mining engineer with over 30 years’ international experience across multiple commodities. His career includes 24 years in mine and project management and 8 years in consulting. He has lead projects across the value chain from option to feasibility studies, project construction and mine operations. He has significant experience in the development of block cave mines and operating open pit mines above caving zones. Simon has worked globally in project management, due diligence and technical reviews for surface and underground mining projects and studies.

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Jemini Bhargava
Principal Consultant (Mining)

Jemini is a mining engineer with 15 years of operational, management and planning experience. He has been involved in numerous studies with varying scope in different capacity, undertaking roles varying from project manager to team lead and mine planner. Jemini has experience in both short and long term mine planning. He has performed various techno-economic analyses involving mine optimisations, scheduling and blending.
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