SRK at Slope Stability 2018

April 11-13, 2018 | Seville, Spain
open Pit Mine
Computational Tools for the Determination of Factor of Safety and Location of the Critical Circular Failure Surface for Slopes in Mohr-Coulomb Dry Ground
Esteban Hormazabal (SRK Chile) 
Technical Innovations in Acid Mine Treatment for Economical By-Product Recovery
Osvaldo Aduvire (SRK Peru)
Core Orientation: Comparison of Televiewer and Traditional Methods to Highlight Inaccuracies in Old Data
Karl Llewelyn (SRK United Kingdom)   |   Read more
Approach to Geotechnical Characterization and Slope Design Data Acquisition Programs in Different Deposit Types
Bruce Murphy (SRK Canada)   |   Read more
Key Geotechnical Characterisation Parameters for Transition Materials in Deep Weathered Deposits and their Influence on Bench Slope Stability
Edward Saunders (SRK Canada)   |   Read more

Organising Committee

Max Brown (SRK United Kingdom) is a member of the organising committee for Slope Stability 2018.
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SRK is a Gold Medal sponsor of this event.


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Slope Stability 2018

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Esteban Hormazabal
Principal Consultant
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Osvaldo Aduvire
Principal Consultant
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Karl Llewelyn
Senior Consultant
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Bruce Murphy
Principal Consultant
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Edward Saunders
Senior Consultant
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