Claude Prinsloo

Senior Consultant (Mine Waste)
BEng (Civil), Pr Eng (ECSA), PMP
SRK Perth
Level 1 10 Richardson Street West Perth, Western Australia 6005 Australia PO Box 943 West Perth, Western Australia 6872 Australia
+61 8 9288 2000
+61 8 9288 2001

Claude Prinsloo is a civil engineer with 15 years’ experience in the consulting civil engineering and civil infrastructure project management environment, predominantly for the mining and process sectors.  His portfolio includes five years’ extensive mine waste design related experience in tailings dams, landfill sites, pollution control dams, return water dams, hazardous waste impoundments and slag stockpiles specifically for the platinum, gold, petrochemical and coal environments, followed by 10 years’ extensive experience across the full range of civil infrastructure applicable to the mining and mineral processing environments.  Claude’s balance of technical and managerial experience enables him to apply his civil engineering skill and experience in seeking innovative and sustainable civil engineering and civil infrastructure project solutions through problem solving and value engineering strategies.

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