Falong Hu

Senior Consultant (Mining)
BEng (Mining Engineering), MAsuIMM
SRK Beijing
B315 Cofco Plaza, No.8, Jianguomennei Av. Dongcheng District. 100005 Beijing, PRC.
+86 10 6511 1000
+86 10 8512 0385

Falong Hu is a Mining Engineer with experience in mining operations and mine design for open pit and underground metal mines as well as mine planning, project development, rock mechanics survey and design, ventilation planning, and cost analysis. Before joining SRK, he worked as an on-site and head office mining engineer at Sino Gold Limited (which later merged with Eldorado Gold Corp.) and Canada Silvercorp Metals Inc, where he gained experience in mining operation on site. As a consultant with SRK, he engages in a range of technical review work in China and abroad. He has a well-developed understanding of the differences in consulting principles between China and other jurisdictions, such as Australia or Canada. Falong is proficient in digital modelling using Gemcom Surpac.

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