Lanliang Niu

Principal Consultant (Processing)
SRK Beijing
B315 Cofco Plaza, No.8, Jianguomennei Av. Dongcheng District. 100005 Beijing, PRC.
+86 10 6511 1000
+86 10 8512 0385

Lanliang Niu is a Principal Consultant (Processing) with SRK Consulting China Ltd. He has 25 years’ experience in processing, hydrometallurgical testing and studies, mine technical support, and production management and is competent in both theoretical study and actual production. He has specific expertise in the processing of precious metal, nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, and some non-metal, as well as processing test design, data processing, and plant design and operation. He is actively involved with the new development and application of processing technologies, facilities, and reagents and has received two national awards for his achievements in this area. Since joining SRK, Lanliang has been responsible for ore processing/metallurgical and economic-analysis scopes of work and involved in more than 70 independent technical review projects.

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