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Numerical Modelling

The missing link for improved analysis of mining methods

SRK works with its clients to provide expertise in the geotechnical characterisation of site conditions and the application of material models for effective numerical modelling. Beyond that, SRK is an efficient and competent partner to deal with complexity using a comprehensive set of modelling tools for geotechnical interpretation, design, sensitivity analysis and representation.

Our approach

SRK's experienced modelling team aims to achieve the best possible analytical interpretation, defining the critical aspects of the analysis by conceptualising the problem and characterising materials. Our team is experienced in characterisation of a broad range of materials from rocks to very coarse granular materials or fine soils and groundwater conditions. The understanding of material behaviour and a robust software platform allow simulation of specific site conditions. Verification and sensitivity analysis are important parts of the interpretation process.

Our numerical modelling services

  • Deterministic and probabilistic slope stability analysis for isotropic and anisotropic media using limit equilibrium methods in Slide and SlopeW
  • Stress-strain stability analyses under static and dynamic conditions using finite element and finite difference methods using Phase2, FLAC and FLAC3D
  • 2D and 3D rock mass stability analysis using discrete element discontinuum methods with UDEC and 3DEC
  • Stress analyses of underground mines/tunnels using boundary element methods with Map3D
  • 2D and 3D seepage and depressurisation analyses of slopes using finite element methods with FeFlow and SeepW
  • 2D and 3D stress and deformation analysis with soil structure interaction using Plaxis

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