R Tools for Hydrology

Victor Muñoz Saavedra
Wednesday, November 30, 2016
First presented: 
SRK Innovation Competition
Water Management

R Tools for Hydrology (RTH) was created by Victor Muñoz and represents an important competitive advantage in hydrological science from data collection to analysis. RTH graphs and analyzes data well beyond the capacity of spreadsheets and in far less time.

Feature Author

Victor Muñoz Saavedra

Víctor Muñoz is a Hydrotechnical Engineer more than ten years of professional experience. Victor’s well-developed combination of academic pursuits and experience from consultancy companies includes a focus on: hydraulic structures; hydrology; and water balance problems in areas related with analysis, modelling, design, and construction.  Victor has participated extensively in multi-disciplinary projects groups at AMEC, and then at SRK; where he designed solutions for a broad spectrum of hydraulic requirements, as well as hydrology and water balances.

Hydrotechnical Engineer
PEng, MEng
SRK Vancouver
SRK Asia Pacific