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Core Orientation: Comparison of televiewer and traditional methods to highlight inaccuracies in old data

Karl Llewelyn
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
First presented: 
Slope Stability 2018
  • All mining excavations should have an appropriate geotechnical design that takes into account the rock mass structure
  • Acoustic Televiewers (ATV) and Optical Televiewers (OTV) provide rapid and accurate high resolution orientated images of the borehole walls in both cored and open holes
  • Traditional manual core orientation tools and televiewers have been used on projects and provide the opportunity to compare the output for both methods and assess the consistency, reliability, and accuracy of the different systems
  • The projects demonstrate the much improved accuracy of the televiewer systems and, importantly, identifies cases where the data from traditional methods, originally considered to be good, have serious systematic errors leading to inappropriate design
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