SRK Consulting: Innovating where disciplines intersect

Andrew van Zyl, Marcin Wertz, William Joughin interviewed by
Monday, February 18, 2019
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Mining Review Africa

Taking innovation into mining across Africa, SRK Consulting continues to embrace the best technologies from outside mining – even from industries as far removed as gaming.

The aim is simple: to help move mining clients down the cost curve.

At the core of many recent innovations is the digital revolution – which mining companies want to leverage toward bottom-line improvements, according to William Joughin, chairman, partner and principal mining geotechnical engineer at SRK Consulting (SA).

“In a digitally connected world, we can make use of smart devices – mobile phones and tablets – as tools for collecting and sharing mapping data, for instance,” says Joughin.

“At the same time, gaming innovations in visualisation and virtual reality feed progress in modelling, planning, training and other aspects of the industry.”

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