SRK Exploration Services appoints John Paul Hunt as new Local Manager

John Paul Hunt interviewed by Consultancy South Africa
Wednesday, March 13, 2019
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South African mining consultancy SRK Consulting has appointed John Paul Hunt as a new Local Manager for its Exploration Services Vertical. Hunt will join the firm’s Johannesburg office, and will help with domestic delivery in South Africa as well as international delivery from the firm’s Cardiff office.

Hunt holds a degree in Economic Geology as well as a degree in Resource Evaluation from the University of Witwatersand, and a degree in Applied Geostatistics from the University of Alberta. He began his professional career as an Economic Geologist at Norilsk Nickel Africa, where he worked for a period of six years.

He then moved on to become an Exploration Manager at Newgenco Exploration, following which he ascended to Chief Executive Officer at First Drill – a position that he held for just under two years. Between 2015 and 2018, Hunt worked as a Specialist Scientist for Economic Geology at the Council for Geoscience.

He joined SRK Exploration Services in August Last year as a Senior Exploration Strategist, and has now been promoted to the position of Local Manager for South Africa. At SRK, he will leverage his expertise in exploration programmes from the planning to the execution phase, at a time when such services are of the essence for the economy.

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