SRK outlines environmental considerations for Brulpadda gas extraction

Sue Reuther and Scott Masson interviewed by Creamer Media
Friday, April 5, 2019
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SRK Consulting environmental assessment practitioner Sue Reuther says although news of the large Brulpadda gas find off South Africa’s southern coast holds economic potential, the project could take ten years to reach production and all environmental risks would first need to be considered for the extraction of these resources.

Fortunately, South Africa has access to considerable environmental expertise and experience in this field. Should the project come to fruition, it could contribute hugely to national efforts to reduce carbon emissions, as natural gas emits about 50% less carbon dioxide when combusted, compared to coal.

Prospective oil and gas explorers and developers in South Africa generally begin with acquiring a technical cooperation permit or a reconnaissance permit, according to SRK senior environmental consultant Scott Masson. Environmental Management Programmes must be compiled and approved at this stage.

“A subsequent exploration right allows the holder to carry out the entire value chain of petroleum exploration, and an environmental impact assessment (EIA) is required in terms of the National Environmental Management Act.”

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