Juanita Martin

Principal Consultant (Hydrology)
MEng (Water Resources), Civil Engineer (Peru), MIEAust, MAusIMM
SRK Perth
Level 1 10 Richardson Street West Perth, Western Australia 6005 Australia PO Box 943 West Perth, Western Australia 6872 Australia
+61 8 9288 2000
+61 8 9288 2001

Juanita Martin has more than 20 years of experience in design, coordination and supervision of projects for the mining and civil industry.  Her experience has included various engineering levels from conceptual through detailed designs.  Juanita’s key areas of expertise are in water management for mining infrastructure in diverse environments; the design of hydraulic elements – channels, ponds, culverts, spillways; the design of embankments for tailings and dams, storage capacity evaluation, water balance and hydrology studies, catchment areas and basin characteristics, climatic evaluation and determination of storm events.

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